Toolkit: 2018 National Nutrition Month Webinar: A Conversation with Lance Robertson

In celebration of National Nutrition Month the Assistant Secretary for Aging, Mr. Lance Robertson was featured in the National Nutrition and Aging’s Resource Center (NRCNA) webinar on March 14, 2018. The webinar provided an overview of Older Americans Act Nutrition Programs (OAANP) programs & their critical importance of these programs to helping older adults maintain good health and age in community, as well as a summary innovative senior nutrition programs from across the network were highlighted. [52 minutes]

Every year since 1973, March has been a month to appreciate and celebrate how good nutrition positively affects Americans. We joining the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND), Meals on Wheels America, and the National Association of Nutrition and Aging Programs (NANASP) in celebrating National Nutrition Month.

ACL’s theme for the 2018 National Nutrition Month Observation is “The meal is only part of the equation.” ACL is very supportive of the OAA Nutrition Program, because good nutritional intake plays a vital role in maintaining an older adult’s health and supporting independence. The OAA Nutrition Program is the largest federally funded nutrition program exclusively for seniors and it provides participants much more than just a meal.

Presenter: Lance Robertson, ACL Administrator and Assistant Secretary for Aging

Resources and Webinar Recording

Presenter’s Handout

Audio Recording

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OAANP/Outcomes Evaluation:

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Programmatic Innovations:

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