As we continue to build our online collections, the National Resource Center on Nutrition and Aging (NRCNA) welcomes suggestions and recommendations for additional resources to include. Our greatest current need is for policy and procedure templates, practice-tested client education materials, sample menus and other foodservice and business operations resources.

Submission Process

Any Online Library User may suggest a resource for inclusion in the NRCNA Collection at or by contacting NRCNA staff at [email protected] or 703-548-5558.

Conditions for Submission

In order for a specific document to be considered for inclusion on the Online Library site, one of the following conditions must apply:

  • The User suggesting the document is the copyright owner (or otherwise represents the copyright holder) for the document or resource, and is able to provide the National Resource Center with written permission (including verifiable permissions from the copyright holder) to store the document on our server and publicly distribute the document in our Online Library collection;
  • Or, the document or resource must be in the public domain;
  • Or, the document or resource must have a disclaimer, license or other written permission statement created by the copyright owner that explicitly grants others the right to publicly host and distribute the material for nonprofit purposes.

When Users suggest other resources which are protected by copyright law, NRCNA staff may contact the copyright holders directly to request permission for inclusion in the collection, as time and resources permit.

In addition, the following conditions apply to all submissions of Content by Users:

  • Users assume sole and complete responsibility for any User-supplied Content they submit to the Online Library and hereby release and indemnify the National Resource Center and the Meals On Wheels America for any damages which may occur as a result of such User-supplied Content, including but not limited to providing unauthorized or invalid permissions to utilize such User-supplied Content.
  • Users understand that the National Resource Center has the ongoing and unilateral right to reject or withdraw (including after posting) any submission of User-supplied Content which it determines to be inaccurate or objectionable.
  • By submitting such User-supplied Content for consideration for inclusion on the Online Library, User is hereby giving permission to the National Resource Center to make such User-supplied Content available to the public for research of such other educational purposes as permitted for use of Content on the Online Library.
  • User-supplied Content shall in no way be libelous, unlawful, discriminatory, abusive, threatening, derogatory, harassing, partisan or political in nature.
  • By submitting User-supplied Content to the National Resource Center for consideration for inclusion on the Online Library, User agrees to these Terms of Use and conditions as outlined herein.

Selection Responsibility

Electronic collection development decisions are made by members of the NRCNA staff, based on the advice and input of appropriate subject matter experts using predetermined criteria. As needed, materials submitted to the NRCNA for inclusion in its Collection will be reviewed on a quarterly basis and posted online, if appropriate.

Selection Criteria

All items recommended for inclusion will be reviewed according to the following characteristics:

  • Relevance of the material to the National Resource Center on Nutrition and Aging’s goals and mission.
  • Usability of the material by our target audience (e.g., resources which are self-explanatory for browsing; resources which can be provided in platform-independent formats; etc.)
  • Life-span of the material (e.g., length of time it will be accurate or relevant; etc.)
  • Uniqueness of the material (e.g., Content that is not duplicative of existing Online Library materials; etc.)
  • Quality of the material (e.g., evidence that the material has been prepared or reviewed by subject matter experts; evidence of ongoing support and updates to the material; evidence that the material is free of commercial or other bias; etc.)