Medicaid Recipient’s Food Attitudes, Purchasing Habits, Barriers and Opportunities

The IFIC (International Food Information Council) Foundation conducted an oversample of Medicaid recipients, in partnership with the Root Cause Coalition. The goal of this oversample was to determine how those on Medicaid view their health and diet, food production and safety, as well as how their diets compare to dietary guidelines. In addition, it explores how secure Medicaid recipients feel about their food and how financial constraints impact their food choices.

Findings are presented for those on Medicaid and, where significantly different, comparisons to those who do not receive Medicaid. Additional insights are provided based on how findings vary by different types of demographic groups such as by age, race, gender and income.

Topics explored in the survey include:

  • The link between food and desired health outcomes
  • Food Insecurity and barriers to healthy eating
  • How consumer diets compare to recommendations
  • The prevalence and motivation behind certain eating patterns
  • Information sources and trust
  • Food and beverage purchase drivers
  • The influence of food values and views on food safety
  • Where food is purchased