In 2017, the Administration for Community Living awarded six grantees funding for innovative projects that will enhance the quality, effectiveness, and outcomes of nutrition services programs provided by the national aging services network. The six grants totaled $742,872 for the two-year project period. Through this grant program, innovative and promising practices that can be scaled across the country have been identified with a goal to increase use of evidence-informed practices within the nutrition programs.

The Innovations in Nutrition Programs and Services Resource Hub contains documents for senior nutrition programs to understand and replicate the inventive programs and services piloted by the 2017 ACL grantees.

A range of resources are provided below to facilitate your navigation of this repository. One Page Briefs were developed for busy professionals seeking to gain a concise understanding of each grantee’s project and key challenges addressed, while Extended Brief’s are designed for those seeking a fuller summary of each grantee’s project structure, barriers, key learnings and insights. Where possible, all materials supplied by each grantee were compiled into a single document to create a Final Report + Replication Compendium.

Innovation: Part Discipline, Part Creativity, All Possible

Our world is moving at a lightning speed. And, it’s no illusion: with technological advancements, a global economy, cultural shifts, and new generational perspectives.

Summary Brief Extended Brief